Telematics technologies used by companies with large car fleets, their implementation being also initiated in the vehicles insurance sector, the emergence of professional liability policies on services and consultancy activities in IT&C, insurance policies against cyber risks and GDPR, insurance policies for phones, laptops, electronics, appliances, tablets, and other IT equipment and components, crypto wallet insurance policies, DeFI (decentralized finance) insurance, but especially the use of various technologies (blockchain and artificial intelligence/ AI) in insurance (insurtech), operational leasing for the use of IT equipment and the electronic insurance for products, the significant use in logistics of software applications and the concept of the digital twin in industrial IoT, are just some of the challenges in the insurance and leasing sectors that companies are facing. All these challenges bring ever-changing regulations, increasingly complex contractual issues, and compliance requirements.

By using legal services both for regulatory issues and for negotiating agreements, the insurance companies and leasing companies, as well as the companies from the logistics sector, are assuring the success of their projects, by eliminating or reducing legal risks.

NewLegalWay provides legal consultancy on Insurance and Leasing related to the following aspects:




  • Structuring insurance products for mobile phones, laptops, electronics, appliances, tablets, and other IT equipment and components;


  • Structuring professional liability insurance products for services and consultancy activities in IT&C;


  • Consultancy on insurance policies against cyber risks and GDPR, as well as negotiating liability clauses in the agreements concluded with IT companies and BPOs (Business Process Outsourcing);


  • Consultancy regarding the insurance of electronic equipment (risks of coverage, material damage caused by negligence, non-training or improper handling, operating errors or overvoltages, voltage variations);


  • Consultancy regarding the insurance policies for the civil liability of the management (directors and executive managers), including the management from the credit institutions (bankers blanket bond);


  • Consultancy regarding the insurance of office buildings, as well as the insurance of electronic equipment, fixed communication equipment;



  • Consultancy regarding the insurance of data and external data supports, but also for covering the additional costs necessary for business continuity;


  • Analysis of insurance policies in the context of companies’ financing by banks and the assignment of rights deriving from insurance policies;


  • Consultancy on insurance policies at the group level;


  • Consultancy on the insurer’s rights regarding the insurance policies covering the risk of non-payment of the contracted loans;


  • Insurance policies covering environmental issues;


  • Claims for compensation made based on insurance policies;


  • Information and conduct requirements of insurance distributors.




  • Drafting and negotiating financial leasing agreements and operational leasing agreements for vehicle fleets;


  • Drafting and negotiating sale and leaseback agreements;




  • Representation of companies in professional associations.